Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Promising Practices

Promising Practices — Saturday 11/6

This weekend, you are attending the Promising Practices Conference at RIC. Registration opens at 7:45am in Donovan Dining Center. If you have registered ahead of time, you will have a folder waiting for you in Donovan when you arrive — you will likely have your first or second choice for the workshops. If you have not registered, you will have to find the Walk-In Registration table to register, pay $20, and select your workshops from the available spaces.

Take notes throughout the conference. At each workshop and at the keynote, jot down any thoughts you have about how the speaker's points connect to the issues we have been covering in class.

The Assignment:
In order to process and make sense of the things you learned at the conference, you need to write a reflection about the day. Post that reflection on your blog by 10am on Thursday, November 18. The reflection needs to include the following:

1) Narrative description of what the day was like for you, including your experience in the 2 workshops, the Curriculum Resource Fair, and the keynote address.

2) A deeper analysis of what you learned at one of the sessions (workshops or keynote) including two connections to authors we have read in class.

3) Use the blog technology to include at least three links in your post to help illustrate what you learned.

Enjoy the conference!! See you Saturday!

LB :)

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